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Education Services

Training or instruction-based learning on any subject to students or other individuals requiring it


Expert Teachers

Listens to students and asks questions to help them make sense of their own understanding of key ideas


Extracurricular Activities

A great way to demonstrate transferable skills that will make better all-rounder individuals for future roles

About Us

Better education develops the nation.

The name of our school is SHANKARDEV SHISHU NIKETAN, Dhakuakhana. It was established on 10th January, 1997 with the initiative of some local educationist and some social worker. The school is affiliated with the VIDYA BHARATI, AKHIL BHARATIYA SHIKSHA SANSTHAN and conducted by SHISHU SHIKSHA SAMITI ASSAM (SSSA). The school is situated at the Sadar point of Dhakuakhana Municipality area at Naba-Katharbari, road-side of Dhakuakhana-Majuli State Highway. The Founder Pradhan Acharjya was late Sarbeswar Baruah.


Our Mission & Vision

The aim of our school is to provide the quality education based on the Bharatiya culture and traditions to the children of our society. It is to be mentioned that "to develop th etotal personality of a child". Our school has prescribed a notional syllabus considering the five aspects - Physical, Yoga, Music, Sanskrit language, Moral and Spiritual Education.

We believe in establishing a National Educational System which will develop generations of young men and women who will have complete faith in Bharatiya values and ideals, will be national to the core, be fully developed from the physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual angles, who can successfully meet the challenges of the modern life and whose lives will be dedicated to the eradication of social ills, exploitation and injustice among our brethren living in villages, forests, hills and urban slums in order to promote equality, prosperity and culture throughtout the country.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai
Our Facilities

Facilities We Provide

Digital Generator for 24x7 Electricity Supply
Separate Campus for Pre-primary Section (SISUVATIKA)
Well Decorated Children Park
Digital Class Room (SMART) Facility
100% Result in H.S.L.C. Examination Since 1st Batch-2008
Implements in Indian Culture and Value Based Education
Well Trained and Experienced Teaching Staff
Extra Curricular Activities

Principal's Message

"Education is never taught but is only caught. Therefore, the right atmosphere is to be created by the exemplary teachers for the pupils to unfold their latent abilities. Unselfish and loving teachers with their education and example help the students evolve themselves to great heights."

- Swami Vivekananda